Nikola Baltic began studying classical
guitar at age 9 and began playing professionally at age 12. He was
accepted to Eastern MichiganUniversity
at age 17 for classical guitar performance and later accepted to the Center for
Creative Studies in Detroit. Following a Bachelors degree in mechanical
engineering (Lawerance Tech. University)
he was later accepted to the Manhattan School of Music in New York but declined
to pursue other musical ventures. Nikola
has studied with guitarist Manuel Barreco, Joe Fava and David Russell to name a
few. Nikola has been reviewed in Guitar Player Magazine and is cofounder of
the Hot Sun Quartet. A World Jazz
ensemble based in Florida.

Influences: John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia, John Williams, Rueben Gonzalez, Pancho Sanchez and Django Reinhardt



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